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Above: Video piece about “Just Ordinary Moms” prepared by Sarah Cody for FOX news.

Below: Live interview replay from ABC affiliate WTNH Channel 8 with Ann Nyberg. Find out more about how we got started and what’s coming next.

Hello! We are eight women who know each other from book clubs, play groups, community activities, hockey-playing husbands and work. One book club evening, while chattering away about our lives and kids, someone said, “We should write down these stories about being Moms – we’ve all got some great ones – and it will be fun!”

Later that summer, when we got together to share what we had written, we discovered something special – something much more than just fun (which it absolutely was and still is!). We were completely blown away and awed – both by the heartfelt truths revealed in our stories and the depth of emotions touched during the story-telling. Right away, we decided to continue working on our stories, and sought out a few others to add to our newly christened “writer’s circle.”


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Fast forward three years (omg did it take that long?) and we have finally brought the book to fruition! It has been an amazing experience, with new learning curves in all directions: finding great editors, engaging a graphic designer, understanding the publishing process, organizing events and readings. Some days, it’s a lot to handle! But we are passionate and committed and most of all delighted to be sharing these stories with you, our readers!

Just Ordinary Moms is only the beginning.

Everyone has a story to tell, and we want to hear yours. 

We are currently seeking stories from Moms (with a special book for Military Moms), Dads, Kids and Grandparents and… (drumroll, please…) stories about your PETS!

Stories may be funny or poignant – we only request that a story touch the heart on a universal level.

Submitting your story is easy and confidential. Find out how HERE. And don’t worry if you’re not a “writer” – we have a process to help. If we select your story for publication, you will have the opportunity to earn author payments and possibly even join us for appearances and events!

With your help, we hope to touch many, many lives with the Just Ordinary Book series,
beginning with ~

Just Ordinary Moms.

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Yours truly,

Robin, Lael, Caren, Jeanne, Celia, Bonnie, Linda and Maureen – aka The Moms!

4 Responses to About

  1. Cathy Sanders says:

    I am so proud to be your friend Caren. You are the strongest women I know and I am thankful for you. Great luck with this endeavor and I posted on my site. I might have a story to tell…. You Go Girl! Cath

    • Admin says:

      Thanks so much Cathy! We’re all excited and appreciate your support. Would LOVE To hear you story – hit Contact Us below to get in touch. We want to publish you!
      Caren & The Moms!

  2. Laura Murach says:

    I am so proud of all of you! Can’t wait to get my book!

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